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Photographing the Great Plains is a breathtaking experience. The wide open spaces, vast expanses of golden grass and endless horizons all provide a magnificent backdrop for capturing the beauty of the rural American West. Long roads leading home wind through the Great Plains, while clouds loom large in the never ending sky offering a sense of freedom and possibility that is hard to find elsewhere.

Barns built in the 1800s stand as testament to the rugged spirit and determination of the pioneers who first settled this land. These structures offer a unique glimpse into the history of the region, and photographing them can help to preserve their legacy for future generations.

As you wander the Great Plains, you may also encounter bison roaming freely, their massive frames a testament to their resilience and strength. The sight of these magnificent creatures grazing against the backdrop of Pikes Peak is truly awe-inspiring. Horses are also a common sight on the Great Plains ~ their brands reminders of the rich heritage and traditions that are still alive and well in this rugged and beautiful part of the world.


Le Chapeau


Capturing the complex and multifaceted portrayal of strength within seemingly delicate artifices, combines elements of confidence, serenity, elegance, and playfulness with a a timeless sense of sophistication and grace. It is a reminder of the power of human resilience and our capacity to find joy and wonder in everyday events.


The Sonoran Desert in Arizona is a stunning landscape renowned for its unique and captivating beauty. The terrain is dominated by rocky, arid expanses that are dotted with an array of plant life, including the iconic saguaro cactus. These towering cacti are one of the most recognizable symbols of the American southwest, with their distinctive arms reaching towards the sky. Also known for its colorful sunsets, these warm hues are reflected in the vibrant photos that bring color and life to decor.

The contrast between the dramatic mountain and the soft curves of the saguaro cacti and palm trees creates a truly mesmerizing landscape that is both rugged and beautiful and always a joy to photograph.



The sunsets over the ocean are a sight to behold. As the sky turns shades of orange, pink, and purple, the sun slowly sinks into the horizon, casting a warm glow over everything it touches. The beauty of the sunset is only magnified by the sound of the waves crashing against the shore and the gentle rustling of the palm trees. Photographing these moments is a gift.


Witnessing entertainers on their journey, at the beginning or at their zenith is a wonder. All images are solely for personal, art decor, use only. No publishing right have been granted with image purchase.


New York is a city unlike any other. Filled with characters, their dreams and the products of their imagination and hard work.

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